Example of Recent Research Grants (2016)


  Advances in cancer treatment technologies
depend on research support.

University of Alabama, Birmingham -- $163,645 for the study of adiponectin enhances breast cancer aggressiveness

Cleveland Clinic -- $174,542 for the study of engineered photonic nanoparticles for in situ stimulation of cancer immunotherapy

University of Minnesota -- $144,270 for the study of a novel targeted treatment strategy for invasive and resistant head and neck cancer

Oregon Health & Science University -- $183,360 for the study of targeting EWS-ATF1 for clear cell sarcoma of soft tissue

St. Louis University -- $199,261 for the study of leukemia drug-resistance: ceramide metabolism and the related signaling pathways

Northwestern University -- $149,989 for the study of CRISPR engineering of NINJA stem cells for malignant brain tumor therapy

Cornell University -- $136,110 for the study of defining the origins and mechanisms of initiation of esophageal squamous cell

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