Example of Recent Research Grants (2015)


  Advances in cancer treatment technologies
depend on research support.

Boston University -- $147,897 for research targeting the alternative lengthening of telomeres pathway in cancer

Houston Methodist Research Institute -- $177,567 for the study of targeted breast cancer therapy using a pan-NOS inhibitor, LNMMA

Pacific University -- $107,755 for research of identifying protein targets for overcoming chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer

Purdue University -- $211,544 for study of the role of metabolic sensor AMPK in resistance to anti-smoothened therapy in medulloblastoma

University of Florida -- $117,163 for the research of a new method for delivering temozolomide across the brain barriers for glioblastoma

University of Michigan -- $152,872 for the study of targeting cross-presentation to enhance anti-leukemic responses after allogeneic transplantation

Yale University -- $163,244 for the study of development of human lung cancer metastasis model in mice

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