Example of Recent Research Grants (2017)


  Advances in cancer treatment technologies
depend on research support.

Arizona State University -- $186,374 for the study of synthetic peptide-DNA antibodies for targeting cancer cells

Columbia University -- $141,320 for the study of developing simple prognostic indicators of chemotherapy response in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Johns Hopkins University -- $158,492 for the study of sticky nanoparticles for selective targeting of triple negative breast cancer

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center -- $184,575 for the development of an immunogenomic liquid molecular assay of response to immunotherapy

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center -- $156,749 for the study of ERK inhibitor efficacy and resistance in colorectal cancer

University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio -- $169,842 for the study of KDM1A inhibition enhances ERB mediated tumor suppression in ovarian cancer

Wright State University -- $149,111 for studying the impact of platelet-activating factor in targeted therapy responses in melanoma patients

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