The following proposals are examples of the recent research grants

University of Alabama$139,000 for the study of targeting ncRNA as a curative therapy for metastatic breast cancer
Baylor College of Medicine$81,000 for the study of RAF inhibition as a novel mechanism for treating neuroblastoma
Boston University $167,000 for the study of a single cell RNA-sequence analysis of tumor-immune microenvironment in state I non-small cell lung cancer patients
Central Michigan University$171,000 for the study of UNK expression and timing of breast cancer recurrence
Duke University $175,000 for immune surveillance in obesity-associated cancer
Idaho State University$98,000 for targeting sphingolipid metabolism in synovial sarcoma
Mayo Clinic $159,000 for the study of the guanylyl cyclase A receptor activator ZD100 – a novel therapeutic agent in multiple myeloma therapy for breast cancer
Northwestern University$152,000 for novel targeted combination therapies based on PIM kinase inhibition
Virginia Commonwealth University$187,000 for targeting miR-204-5p suppresses the tumorigenesis and metastasis of head and neck cancer