The following proposals are examples of the recent research grants

Beckman Research Institute
$150,000 for the identification and characterization of founder cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Johns Hopkins University
$163,364 for the study of single-cell secretomics for identifying presymptomatic pancreatic cancer
Michigan State University$149,413 for a study to determine the genetics driving breast cancer metastasis to the lymph node
Pennsylvania State University
$199,762 for a study targeting a novel Fascin-Nrf2 signaling circuit in metastatic lung cancer
University of Alabama
$115,000 for a study targeting PRMT1 as a curative therapy for acute myeloid lung cancer
University of New Haven$140,140 for the study of exosome mediated microRNA regulation of HPV negative cervical cancer
University of Texas Medical Branch,
$146,559 for the study of overcoming cisplatin resistance in head and neck cancer with crenolanib, a PDGFR-a small molecular inhibitor
Wayne State University
$182,289 for the study of epigenomic regulation of chromatin in cancer